Tanya-TestimonialIt’s so close to my home, making it exceptionally convenient. It’s open 24/7 so with the demands of career and family I have no excuse not to work out. The great equipment, friendly staff, overall peaceful environment keep me coming back! – Tanya

Reuben-TestimonialThe Gym on Locke is a perfectly located neighbourhood gym, with excellent access, making it very convenient for me. I come to the gym because of its excellent equipment, professional yet friendly atmosphere, 24 hour access, and its practical size. Although smaller than most gyms, the Gym on Locke provides all of my workout needs at all times with the best equipment available. – Reuben

Jessica-TestimonialThe attraction of the gym was its convenient location. I like the fact that it has limited memberships and you can tell the staff is here genuinely to help people. I like how they want to help you reach your goals in a non-overbearing way and don’t make you feel like a number. This gym has a great energy and elite feeling. I’m
proud to be a member! – Jessica

The atmosphere of a small private gym with state of the art equipment is what attracted me to the Gym on Locke. I keep coming back because I am always greeted by name and the staff has helped me reach my weight maintenance goals. The Gym on Locke doesn’t even compare to other gyms, it surpasses them in equipment, atmosphere, and knowledgeable staff. – Malwina

Initially I joined because it was close to home. What keeps me coming back is that it feels like home. My trainer Dave is a trusted friend (and incredible coach) and I feel like it’s a comfortable place –friends,
neighbours, and a great vibe! – Hillary

Katie-testimonialHaving never stepped foot into a gym, the Gym on Locke was an amazing way to be introduced to the world of fitness. There are so many things that are appealing, it is beautiful, trendy, inviting, warm, positive and support needed to reach your fitness goals, feel your best, and succeed. As the very first member of the Gym on Locke, I’m proud to be a part of not just a gym, but an experience, an environment where I feel comfortable, confident, healthy, and positive. It’s a gym for our health, our well being, it’s a gym for US! – Katie

The Gym on Locke attracted me because it’s close to home, unique and clean. The amazing machines, boutique style atmosphere and friendly staff is what keeps me coming back. The Gym on Locke suits my lifestyle. All my other gym experiences don’t even compare because I can just come in here, do my thing, and
leave feeling more than satisfied! – Laura

valerie-testimonialThe Gym on Locke is close to where I live, which is probably why I like it most. I’ve had the chance to work with, or get advice from most of the trainers and they’ve all proven to be very knowledgeable, each in very different areas. Pete’s nutritional expertise has helped be enormously as well. I also like the size of the gym, and the friendly ambiance is very motivational! – Valerie

Alison-TestimonialThe convenient location, exclusive, private, 24-hour availability and sleek, urban design are amazing. The highly skilled, professional staff is friendly, happy to help, and takes a genuine interest in my goals and well being. The personal training sessions are structured specifically to my individual needs, and are very challenging and rewarding. As an extremely busy entrepreneur and former ‘mommy’, I find it quite difficult to find the time and motivation to get active and strong. The experience, knowledge, and hospitality at the Gym on Locke cannot be compared to any other facility. I am stronger than I have been in a long time, and am slowly taking off excess pounds necessary for a healthy lifestyle. I strongly suggest giving the Gym on Locke a
try! – Alison

scott-testimonialI love the fact that I can come whenever I want. The members are so friendly, and the trainers are great. They’re always there when I need them. The limited membership ensures that the gym is never busy and always clean. The state-of-the-art equipment is always easy to use and challenging. This gym is truly amazing; I love it. – Scott






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Gym On Locke
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